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Our Story

Mother Hubbard’s Mixes was an idea born of twin desires. First, to save people money while at the same time offer premium ingredients they could use when baking at home. We wanted the product to be so simple that even the most novice baker could use the mixes with confidence and pride. Second, to provide families the opportunity to create those shared experiences and life-long memories I’ve carried with me from the kitchens of my childhood.

In our small shop located in downtown Hope, we launched our first products in the summer of 2017.  Expansion came through farmers’ and independent markets in the Lower Fraser Valley.  Along the way our fans grew and followed us in person and on social media.  We feel truly blessed to have met so many new friends and with their support amidst a surreal moment in all our lives, we feel ready to launch our website.  

We look forward to providing more baking mixes, cereals, and other surprises in the future. The thought of introducing our products to folks near and far, excites us.  Welcome to our community!

Vernon Baker & Friends
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