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Product Questions

How long can I store my mixes if I don't use them? Due to the high quality of our ingredients, we suggest baking our mixes within 6 months after purchase. 

How long can I store the Mother Hubbard's baked goodies once I make them? Mother Hubbard's baked goodies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 4 days at room temperature and up to 3 months in a freezer, except for the Seed and Nut Brittle that should not be stored in the freezer. 

Do I need a stand mixer to make Mother Hubbard's Mixes? No!  All of our recipes can be mixed with a wooden spoon if that's all that is available.

Are any of your products vegan? We have a number of egg free, dairy free options highlighted on our product pages.

Can I add liquid other than water to Mother Hubbard's Mixes? Most certainly!  Instead of water, many of our customers have tried different milks (e.g. almond, soy, oat), juices, coffee or teas in their Mother Hubbard's Mixes to create something uniquely theirs.  When using tea instead of water, we recommend making the strongest tea possible to ensure the richest flavour.

How else can I adapt a Mother Hubbard's Mix? To create something expressly yours, you can add almost anything your heart (and stomach) desire into one of our Mother Hubbard's Mixes. Keep checking back to find more unique creations customers have shared with us.

What are sulphites? Sulphites are substances that naturally occur in some foods and the human body. They are also regulated food additives that are used as preservatives to maintain food colour and prolong shelf-life, prevent the growth of micro-organisms. For more information visit Health Canada website.

Do your products contain sulphites? Sulphites are present in our dried apples and dessicated coconut. 

Other Questions

Is your product stocked in any stores? Yes. Please refer to Stockists for a current list of retailers who are carrying our products.

Are Mother Hubbard's mixes available at any of the farmer's markets?  Yes.  We'll post updates on which markets we'll be attending.

I bought a Mother Hubbard's Mix at my local market that I don't see on the site.  What can I do? Please contact us.  We may have limited amounts in stock and enough to fill your order.

Do you serve businesses? Yes we do!  Please contact us

Many types of businesses enjoy our mixes for business meetings, staff luncheons and celebrations.  They often find them more economical than catering.  Every type of business from delis, cafes, ice cream shops, inns, hotels, motels, hair salons, barber shops, beauty salons, realtors, architects, interior designers, eye glass centers, auto service centers, drop in centers and more can delight their customers and guests with our delicious mixes.  

Do you offer discounts for volume buys? Yes we do on orders of 50 bags or more.  Please contact us if you wish to place a volume order.

How long does it take to ship an order? We are able to ship out most orders within 24 hours. Actual travel time to the destination is dependent upon the carrier.

How is Mother Hubbard's Mixes handling COVID-19? In the interests of community safety we have closed our retail shop and operate only by appointment now. We have implemented more robust cleaning and sanitizing programs, altered our shipping and receiving protocols and strictly enforce physical distancing practices. Thank you to everyone for their patience as we all do our best to deal with this crisis. For more valuable information on how the Food Service industry is handling this crisis: